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There are many offers on Pomeranian musical list – more current information about the smaller and bigger musical events and not only You will find here.

Below, as an invitation We would like to present several famous festival events of Pomerania. Those event have already became a big signs on the musical face of Pomerania, gathering artists and fans from all over the world.

Siesta festival (Gdansk, April)

Sara Tavares, fot. Mateusz Ochocki / KFP. mat. of the organizers

“Siesta” program by Marcin Kydrynski is one of the most popular radio program. Its author’s  disc program music since many years are on the top of bestsellers list and many of them got the status of platinum. Siesta festival at was thought to run only once, as one time festival for the ten anniversary became a natural continuation of this way. Gdansk is an excellent place for such an event, with its hundred years tradition as a port city, opened for the world, multicultural, full of life and seeking for the adventure as “Siesta”. “Siesta” is a fascination of the diversity, it’s never-ending cultural mix and looking at each other, it’s a meeting of festival culture with the present, European harmony and jazz freedom.

Globaltica (Gdynia, July)

Fot. Marek Sałatowski

Globaltica is a festival with a clear mission – the event was made for people who want to open themselves for other cultures, traditions, religions, people who want to experience unknown sounds – distant when geography is concerned, as well as, those very close, but forgotten. Music combines people – in this case from all continents. Every year there is a “social town”, where non-governmental  organisations, cultural institutions as well as craftsmen and small local producers of ecological food can meet together.

Open’er Festival (Kosakowo airport Gdynia, July)

Fot. Tomasz Kaminski

There is no need to introduce this festival to anyone. One of the most famous Polish musical events around the world. After so many years, it is hard to count famous musicians, who played there. As well as music giants and small rising stars invites music fans from all over the world. It is hard to mention famous guests, so let us just give few names: Prince, Red hot Chili Peppers,  Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Bjork.

Rock Legends Festival (Charlott Valley, July)

Fot. Marek Hofman, mat. of the organizers

Rock Legends Festival is organised since 2007 in an amphitheatre situated in Charlott Valley. It is an unforgettable show what was already put on the calendar of summer cultural events in Poland. The special atmosphere during the concerts enables You to feel the music in a special way. During last editions there were such stars as: Robert Plant, Bod Dylan, Carlos Santana, ZZ TOP, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple and many others!

Ladies Jazz Festival (Gdynia, July)

Dee Dee Bridgewater, fot. mat. of the organizers Ladies’ Jazz Festival

The only in Europe festival for jazz women and the place that got the biggest number of Grammy awards in the universe! Jazz, smooth jazz, bossa nova, French songs and any other good music – all played by women at the highest world standards. It the theatre, city space or philharmonic – only here You can teste the wonderful music at different palceas and at different time of the day.

Mozartiana (Gdansk, August)

Fot. Małgorzata Jonczyk

Speaking shortly – musical journey in time. Incredibly original set of concerts and events connected with the work of Master from Salzburg was organised first in 250 birth anniversary of Mozart and an anniversary of the last abbot of Oliva, Jacek Rybinski moving into the Abbots’ Palace.

The initiator of the festival was Jan Łukaszewski, one of the most famous experts of choir music and the director of Polish Chamber Choir.

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