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Wildlife watching – birdwatching in Pomorskie

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You can draw from nature’s benefits in many ways, but discreet contemplation of its beauty is probably the most precious of them. Without interfering in the life of nature and disturbing its peace, we commune with it through watching. As a rule, the goal of our observations are wild animals, rare and easily scared by nature.

Amateurs of this way of spending their free time argue that there is no better way to relax, calm oneself down and distance oneself from everyday affairs. And despite the fact that spotting the specimen of one’s dreams is time consuming, beautiful views compensate even a great deal of unsuccessful attempts.

Hunting can be an additional shot of adrenaline – but the bloodless version of it, that is documenting one’s observations with a camera. A creature caught in a frame is to every nature observer a trophy of exceptional value, and it constitutes a capstone of hard work. To spot one’s target, other than patience, consistency and skilful eye, one also needs knowledge and familiarity with animals’ habits or features. We have to know for example, that the optimal time to „catch” a wild animal with an eye or a camera is an early dawn.


Then the next opportunity can come only just before the sunset. Between 9a.m. and 7p.m. the animals rarely appear – because of human pressure, but also because it’s… too hot for them. At night, on the other hand, the activity of the inhabitants of forests or meadows is higher, but what of it, since a human eye is not capable of spotting them in the darkness.

We are the guests here!

Upon entering the animals’ territories, it is advised to comply with specific ethical norms that apply to the observation of nature. It’s important to put what is good for the animals and ecosystem that we enter above one’s curiosity.

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The most popular form of watching the wildlife is birdwatching, in Poland also known as ptaszenie. It is a hobby with a rich tradition and millions of enthusiasts around the world, especially in the British Isles and the United States, where birdwatching is almost a mass phenomenon. Pomorskie, with its many forests and reservoirs, is a region which should be exceptionally attractive in a bird-watcher eyes, as well as the eyes of amateurs of watching other animals.

Where we can “hunt”?

Valued places in this respect are Zalew Wiślany, Ostoja Ujścia Wisły, Zatoka Pucka, or nature reserves – Ptasi Raj, Mewia Łacha, and Beka. Excellent conditions for watching sea birds are ensured by viewpoints in Jastrzębia Góra, Kąty Rybackie, Mierzeja Wiślana or Wybrzeże Słowińskie.

What is more, birds, although often easily scared and suspicious, are still easier to observe than mammals. Winged creatures are visualizers and if we manage to hide in an invisible place, we can savour observing them to our heart’s content. The situation is different – and much more difficult – in the case of mammals, which in majority are olfactory and can smell a human being even from a distance of several hundred meters.


A demanding object is also a fox, which acts on the sense of hearing and which can sense even the slightest vibrations in its surroundings. Of course you can solve also this problem – special lookout points and tree stands are helpful in observations. But there is no denying that nature watching is an option for those who love nature, understand it and are humble towards it.

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The best peaces to watch a wildlife:


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