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Loop of Zulawy Waterroute

     It is worth mentioning that the Żuławska Loop belongs to the E 70 International Waterway running from Rotterdam, through the Berlin junction of inland waterways, the northern Poland to Kaliningrad, and then down the Niemen water course (along the Pregolya and the Deyma rivers to Klaipėda). The Żuławska Loop is also a network of harbours, marinas, and sailing mooring platforms of the highest quality which were constructed within the project “Żuławska Loop – the development of water tourism. Stage I”, considered one of the key tourism projects of supra-regional scope within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007–2013 Measure 6.4 “Investments in tourism products of supra-regional importance”. The Project is implemented by Local-Government partners from the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships. 

     Besides the water courses clustered round the Vistula delta and the navigation equipment infrastructure for water tourists, the Żuławska Loop connects various attractions related to the cultural heritage of Żuławy Wiślane. It is an area with unique historical structures such as Gothic castles, arcade houses and water engineering monumentsdrawbridges and sluices. The area of the Żuławska Loop is undoubtedly a great place for active leisure and recreation with unusual landscapes and fascinating nature. The Żuławska Loop includes the majority of the Żuławy Wiślane, then the Vistula Spit with the subregion of the Vistula Lagoon, the Elbląg Upland (Tolkmicko, Frombork, Suchacz, Elbląg) and the Wybrzeże Staropruskie (the Old-Prussia Shore) (Nowa Pasłęka, Braniewo), and also Kociewie (Tczew, Gniew, Pelplin), the Kwidzyn Valley and  Powiśle, with Sztum and Kwidzyn.

     Żuławy Wiślane, concentrated around the Vistula Delta, is shaped as an inverted triangle,  the tip of which is where the Vistula branches out into the Leniwka and the Nogat, while the base is lined by the Vistula Spit

     The Vistula Spit, which stretches from Gdańsk to Baltiysk in Russia, separates the Vistula Lagoon from the open waters of the Gdańsk Bay, providing a closure to the estuary of the Vistula. It is a large dune created by sea waves, sometimes as much as 30 metres high. The villages located there have been transformed into tourist resorts. The most important locations on the Vistula Spit are Gdańsk, Stegna, Sztutowo, and Krynica Morska.

    The Vistula Lagoon is a bay separated from the Baltic Sea by the Vistula Spit. The border between Poland and the Russian Federation runs across its waters. The internal sea waters within the Polish territory stretch over 382 sq. km. The Elbląg Upland is a moraine plateau in Pobrzeże Gdańskie which falls steeply towards the Żuławy Wiślane, the Vistula Lagoon, and the Warmia Plain. The highest rise of the Upland is the 198.5-m-high Srebrna Mountain. The most important towns in the area include Elbląg, Frombork, Tolkmicko, Kadyny, and Suchacz.

    Wybrzeże Staropruskie (the Old-Prussian Shore) is a plain stretching along the Vistula Lagoon from Frombork to the mouth of the Pregolya. The region’s area of 100 sq. km belongs to Polish territory. The main towns are: Nowa Pasłęka and Braniewo. Kociewie is an ethnic and cultural region situated on the left bank of the Vistula, in the basin of the Wierzyca and the Wda. Kociewie has its own anthem and on 10 February the World’s Day of Kociewie is celebrated here.  The main towns of the area are Starogard Gdański – the capital of Kociewie, Tczew – its biggest town, and Pelplin. The Kwidzyn Valley and the Powiśle make up the northern part of the Lower Vistula Valley.  Its length amounts to approximately 40 km and its area 401 sq. km. Its characteristic is a type of gorge of the Vistula through the moraines of the East-Pomerania Lake District. The most significant towns here are Gniew in the west, Kwidzyn in the east and Sztum.

Loop of Żuławy – Map of route

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