Conquer Your Gniew (anger)!

Conquer Your Gniew (anger)!

The chill of gothic churches, Vistula hills cut with the river valleys and old walls full of “angry ”history. This is Gniew – the city beautifully located on the Eastern side of the Kociewie lake district.

The history of the place despite the fact, they were stormy, the architecture luckily survived. The castle hill on the edge of Vistula invites for the exploration. Its symbol is a massive, gothic fortress, famous from nights tournaments, battles and beautiful spectacles. You can organise an event, conference or banquet as well as interesting integration event with the historical spectacles when knights are fighting, hussars are getting to fight with the Swedish musketeers. Itt is worth mentioning that event organised by the Castle in Gniew, such as Vivat Vasa – The Battle at Gniew from 1626 or King’s John III Nights Tournaments made the city famous all over Europe. What’s more, every summer weekend there are different kinds of cultural events here, such as International Gospel Christian Festival, one of the most prestigious and famous festival in Pomerania. There is also possibility to ride a horse, to take a boat on the Vistula River, ride a horse carriage or a bicycle ride.

Close to the castle there is an Old Town market square with arcaded houses and historical city hall which since 2016 is under renovation. Streets in Gniew, maybe now under constructions will soon get their charm back.

Visiting the city it is a must to enter to the city gothic parish church, St. Nicolaus, which was for many years an object of deep archaeological  excavations. Very interesting is a crypt under the St. John Paul II, where You can see some of the artefacts. Near the church there is Sambor Street with  the small houses from XVII and XIX c, the city mascot of “Macius: and “Walentynka” and the Garden of History, describing the nine the most important moments of Gniew.

Gniew county is excellent for those who love the rest in the nature. The queen of Polish Rivers created a beautiful valley with many old rivers full of different flora and fauna. Especially in the mornings, the area is very misty and the river seems endless. There are many fishermen here as well as bike lowers. N

ear Gniew there is Wieżyca River entering the Vistula, second longest river in the county. Its wild parts, like mountain streams are perfect for kayaking. For the families we can offer many agricultural stays with delicious, regional cuisine and the horse riding lessons and recreation areas. No matter, what kind of way of recreation You will choose here, we are sure You will be full of good energy, You will know many interesting places and You will be coming back here for sure.

See You in Gniew!

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