Hunting in Pomorskie

Hunting in Pomorskie

There is not many areas in Europe so welcoming to hunting as Pomorskie forests. Local forest districts and breeding centres located in various corners of the region, offer professional help in preparing hunting escapads with respect for laws and safety rules.

The glory of Nadleśnictwo Kwidzyn [Kwidzyn Forest District] is Ośrodek Hodowli Zwierzyny Wydry [“Otters” Animal Breeding Centre]. With a total area of almost 14 thousand hectares, as well as a wide range of animal species living in freedom, it constitutes one of the most valuable points on a hunting map of Poland. In the forests of OHZ Wydry we can come across deers, roe deers and boars, and since some time we can also spot moose and wolves. When it comes to small game, numerous here are hares, pheasants, partridges, foxes, badgers and martens.

Ambona myśliwska, fot.


In Nadleśnictwo Lubichowo [Lubichowo Forest District] for hunters there awaits in turn Ośrodek Hodowli Zwierzyny Czarne [Czarne Animal Breeding Centre]. A terrain with a total area of more than 10.5 thousand hectares is crossed by rivers – Brda, Czernica and Biała. Deers, fallow deers, roe deers and boars are examples of numerously present here big game, and they are supplemented by small game species like a fox, badger, marten, European polecat, hare, bunny, woodcocks, wood pigeons, partridges, coots and wild ducks.

A friendly area for hunting can be also found in the north of Kashubia in Nadleśnictwo Wejherowo [Wejherowo Forest District]. A proof of the hunting attractiveness of the local Puszcza Darżlubska [Darżlubska Wilderness] and its area is the big game – deers, fallow deers, roe deers or boars. Species of small game occurring on this terrain include, among others, foxes, hares, martens, badgers, raccoon dogs, European polecats, muskrats, American minks, partridges and hazel grouses.

A systematic growth of population of the deers is observed since a few years also on Kociewie, and the number of also numerously occuring here since ages boars should be taken into account. These tendencies, observed also by Nadleśnictwo Starogard [Starogard Forest District], attract to this corner of Pomorskie more and more hunters from all over Poland and abroad. Other species occurring in the forests of Kociewie include also moose, as well as small game – foxes, hares, pheasants, partridges, badgers or martens.

The amateurs of hunting that look for unusually located place for hunting should be interested in the hunting terrain of Nadleśnictwo Elbląg [Elbląg Forest District], situated on a narrow passage of land of Mierzeja Wiślana [Vistula Spit], overgrown with pine coniferous forests. Specific for this area landform and vagetation with characteristic passages of reeds make it a great refuge for both big game (fallow deers, boars, roe deers), as well as the small game (fox, raccoon dog, badgers, wild birds).

If you are looking for a special adventure in the surroundings of wild nature, Pomorskie has a lot to offer to you. Find out for yourself and may saint Hubert, the patron of hunters, foresters and shooters, be in your favour!


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