The landscape of Żuławy

It is also the land that has the densest natural and artificial water network in Poland. Forests grew here in the past, and were later felled as a result of agricultural activities and settlement. Many centuries ago there was a bay here, fed with sand and mud by the Queen of the Polish Rivers, the Vistula. Thus it formed some of the best soils in Poland in its delta.

An indispnesible element of the Żuławy landscape is the picturesque look of its villages, with their finely-decorated arcade houses and the towering wooden spires of Gothic churches. Human activities can be seen in the layout of rectangular fields. Their shape comes from the drainage network, which is very well developed here – the canals, levees, and ditches. Human-planted rows of willows lining the ditches, and roadside poplars also contribute to the idyllic atmosphere of this land. Another feature of the landscape is the hydrotechnical devices, which have helped settlers coexist with the highly-developed river network. In bygone times, windmills were a trademark feature of Żuławy, but very few have survived to this day.

The landscape of Żuławy is a perfect combination of human and natural activity, with all its individual elements in excellent harmony with each other. When sightseeing in Żuławy, it is impossible to resist the charm of this low-lying land, in which nothing is as straightforward as it may seem.

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