Kazimierz from Starogard, Deyna in Pomerania

Born on the  October 23rd 1947 in Starogard Gdański in a large, workers family (he had nine siblings) of Franciszek Deyna and Jadwiga Sprenger. He graduated the trade school in his home town text to the shoe factory. From the early years he was interested in sport – he played table tennis, handball, jumping in high but the most skilful he was on the football pitch. When he was 16 he played in the young representatives of Gdansk region, later, in 1965 in the national team.

In club colours…

He played inn Włókniarz Starogard team between 1958 – 1966, next in ŁKS Łódz (1966, one match in the league), in Legia Warszawa (1966 – 1978), in Manchester City (1978 – 1981), in USA San Diego Sockers (1981- 1988) and Mexican Tijuana Legends (1988 – 1989) His talent developed when he played in Legia, in Warszawa, trained by Jaroslav Vejvoda, when in thirteen league seasons between 1967 and 1979, he played 304 matches, scoring 94 goals, 2 Polish Champion titles, in 1969 and 1970 and three years later polish cup. In this team he played in 32 times in European  Cups, scoring 10 goals.

He liked playing on the club station at Łazienkowska Street. He had thousand fans who loved him. He played in Polish National team for 10 years, in 103 matches. He first played in a match with Turkey (8:0), and he finished his career in al lost match with Brazil (June 21 1978).

Greeting the captains Franz Beckenbauer and Kazimierz Deyna, July 3, 1974. Waldstadion in Frankfurt am Main
Fot. Kazimierz Deyna Foundation.

His name is mainly joined with the biggest success of Polish football history of 1970 under the Kazimierz Górski, the trainer. One of the biggest success was the match during the world cup in West Germany (1974). Polish team not only defeated very strong rival (including Argentina, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Brazil) presenting fast and impressive “total football”, which led them to the “small finals” ( the 3 place), but they received individual prices as well. Deyna became the third best player of those cups (after Cruyff and Beckenbauer).

From the football pitch to the screen

Meantime, “the great planner and the real king of the middle field” – as he was described, he had many offers from main European football leagues ( such as Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan). He could not accept those due to the political situation in Poland and the refusal of sport and political department. He got the positive decision to leave the country in 1978. He did not choose well. In Manchester City (1978) he had not only language difficulties. What’s more, due to his age (31 years old), the rule of the British Football “Kisk and run” did not suit him. Next he went to USA, where in California, in San Diegi Soccers he found many fans and flayed in a film “ Escape to Vistory”, he played along with Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Max von Sydow. He was successful, unfortunately, he gave most of his money to his manager, who robbed him, his friend and business partner. Starting with that moment he began to withdraw from the public life.

He died in a car accident September 1st  1989 on San Diego highway. His car hit in the back of a parked van.

Police did not found any signs of using brakes due to that there were many hypothesis about the accident and the real reason has not been found. Before his death he went to Denmark with the invitation of Kazimierz Górski for the world veteran football cup. Despite the fact his friend invited him to go back to Poland he never did.

His home town still respect the tradition of the football star. Young football players play on the stadium which was given his name. In Starogard Gdański there is a trail of Kazimierz Deyna and the monument of him.

More information about the famous sportsman You shall find on the web site of Kazimierz Deyna Foundation.


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