Kąty Rybackie

Fishing, forestry, fishing for amber and tourism are the basis of the Kąty Rybackie residents’ existence. They always focussed on water – that is the Vistula Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. They spent most of their time on the water and lived on what they “snatched out” of their depths: fish and amber. On the shore they constructed households, typical fisherman’s dwellings. In their boats they brought stones from Wysoczyzna and put them in their home’s foundations; they cut the reed from the Lagoon’s shore and thatched the roofs. The fishermen’s houses faced south, so that, through the windows, while eating or resting, they could watch the Vistula Lagoon. In this way they could constantly observe the movements of ships and boats, forecast weather or monitor their rivals from Wysoczyzna. At the back of the house fishing nets were woven or fixed, and fish were sorted and salted.

In the name of the village – Kąty Rybackie – all the traditional activities of its residents are reflected, all their small world having the savour of fish, salt and the wind from the Vistula Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. However, there is something more to Kąty Rybackie than just water. There are beautiful forests and the savour of mushrooms growing there can be smelt in all the village.

Every year, on Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s day a “Fisherman’s Day” is organised in Kąty. It is a religious celebration combined with an entertainment festivity. The fishermen offer to all that come there smoked fish that in no place in the world can be as delicious as it is here, and a boat tour on the waters of the Vistula Lagoon.

While visiting Kąty Rybackie you should visit the Vistula Lagoon Museum where you can see an old boat-building workshop, an exhibition on fishing, and attend a lesson on tying boating knots. There is a “Kąty Rybackie” reserve established in 1957 on the area of 10.8 ha. It is the biggest ornithological reserve of the great cormorant and grey heron. Currently about 35-40 thousand cormorants live there.

Visiting the Fisherman’s Bench may also be an interesting way of spending free time. It has recently become Kąty Rybackie’s new symbol commemorating the fishermen’s hard work. For the lovers of spectacular views a cruise on the “Krystyna” ship over the Vistula Lagoon can be a good idea. Those who like spending their free time in an active way may use the cycling or Nordic walking trails.

Kąty Rybackie is just the sun, the high iodine content in the air, the murmur of waves coming out from the depths of the sea, the dreamlike view of the Vistula Lagoon, abundant forests, a paradise for fish lovers. It is a place that will enchant everyone.

Autor: H.Śmiechowska, LOT Sztutowo

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