Charzykowskie Lake

The sailing traditions of the lake and its water sports centres date back to the interwar period. Charzykowy still houses the oldest Polish sailing club – the Chojnice Sailing Club.

The lake hosts numerous sailing events, e.g. regattas and youth training camps, and the arrival of winter brings no end to the sporting season, as, provided that frost is strong enough to cover the lake with thick ice, it turns into a great iceboat course. The yachting harbour on the lake is equipped with modern infrastructure, along with devices for launching vessels. Tourists coming to Charzykowy can also attend music events, e.g. the “Shanties” International Sailors’ Songs Festival.

You can go on an attractive cruise in a Żegluga Charzykowska boat. Due to the environmental standards of the national park buffer zone, boats are equipped with electric drive. The Brda canoe trail, which is considered one of the most attractive in Europe, runs through the lake.

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