Gdansk Lower Town

To being Gdansk and not going to the Low Gdansk  is like going to Krakow and not visiting the Kazimierz district. That would be a big loss for your good humour, experience and worth keeping memories. A unique climate of this post-industrial district was appreciated by the artists, culture makers, creative producers with the idea for their new business – it is an ideal area to catch a breath after visiting a very crowded popular tourists areas. The place, where far from the city voices, where the time is slower, the rhythm of steps is more calm and our thoughts are easily concentrating on the city landscape, without the run and pression of tourists and cars.

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When talking about the city landscape, here it is truly unique because in this part of Gdansk, literally few minutes from the crowded streets we call feel like going…outside the city. It is due to the fact, that there are 5 cowered by grass sand bastions here, located around the meandering Motlawa Canal. The view here is truly majestic and the paths are just inviting You for a stroll.

Officially part of the City Gdansk Centre, but on the side, old workers district is full of the climate like from old movies. This magical potential is being used by Gdansk organisations. For example, Centre of Modern Art “Łaznia”, situated in a building of a former city baths, which were popular at the time when there our home baths were not common yet.

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The Centre of Modern Art is one of the most important exhibition centre in Poland, along with the best modern art presentations, they also offer film shows, concerts and meeting with artists. Its range “Łaznia” got thanks to the variety of artistic programmes and young, independent art promotion but also because they introduced art into the city space. Due to that it is even more powerful.

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Due to one of the artistic programme organised here, there is a  big car installation, trapped under the bridge, which already became a hallmark of this district. Impossible? Not in the Lower Town. What is interesting, it is not the only means of transport that became a sign of this district.

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To commemorate, closed tram line, near the former tram base, on the tram track on the grass, there is a red tram wagon no 8, which used to get here. One of the best idea to know more about this area is have as troll with a guide here, who will take us to places You will never find in a guide book. Such free walking tours are organised by the City Cultural Institute, which is updating its offer every year.

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This is just one face of the Lower Town, we may say the day face. The different face is coming after the dawn. Then calm and silent small streets are full of music and conversations. Old walls of the Low City are full of the youth positive emotions making this place an ideal idea for the evening stroll with friends, family or on You own. There are many places here which are unobvious, unusual wit a climate. Loved by the citizen, discovered by the tourists invite you to visit them again. Every summer weekend it the Royal Rifle Factory You can taste the music and food presented by “Podwórko”.

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Concerts, Cinemas, exhibitions… night markets, “inspired by the night markets in Asia, which during the night change a city space into a lively markets, where in every corned You can find something to drink and eat, sit with friends, listen to the music or see the exhibition.”

Fot. fb/podworkokfk

Absolutely special place in the Lower Town, a must to visit for all sea stories and sailing is famous “Zejman” club. There is no other place, where You can meet the real passionate people for whom sailing is way for a living and the sea is their home. The unique interior of the club, situated in the Lower Gate, will take You back on the boat. Every space there is covered with sea treasures. You will feel like a member of a ship crew here, with many ocean trips. The hospitality of the owners and the climate of this place is the only in whole Pomeranian coast.

Fot. M. Ochocki/Pomorskie.Travel

Lower Town – so different, so local, so different from what is around. Worth to see.

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