Craft Beer Trail – a hunt for beer treasures

Because of a well-developed distribution network and numerous points of sale, it has become easier to choose from a selection of interesting and uncanny flavours of the popular drink, and there are not many places left that leave us with just one type of beer to “choose from”. This “beer revolution” , the name seems appropriate, has also taken place in Tricity. Several different venues, with a wide selection of beers, have popped up on the local map. Some even offer beer brewed directly on the spot in local breweries.

Thanks to Gdańsk Tourist Board (Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna, GOT), the originator of the first local beer trail, the Craft Beer Trail, we have an opportunity to visit Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia and see these cities from a different perspective. Besides tasting different types of beer, we will receive a guide with information on various breweries, as well as fun facts about brewing. Moreover, anyone visiting places mentioned in the guide who buys a pint of beer, will receive a special stamp. Collecting a particular number of stamps means receiving a reward:

  • 2 stamps – 4 beer pads

  • 4 stamps – bottle opener and a beer pad

  • 6 stamps – t-shirt, bottle opener, and a beer pad

  • 8 stamps – glass, t-shirt, bottle opener, and a beer pad

There are 10 pubs and restaurants on the Tricity Craft Beer Trail:

Eliksir(Gdańsk) – the main idea behind this place is food pairing – the ability to compose well-balanced flavour mixtures of food and drinks. Eliksir is located in the Gdańsk district of Wrzeszcz, at Marian Hemar’s Street. Its offer includes uncanny combinations of traditional flavours with crafted, modern recipes. Passionate bartenders prepared unforgettable drinks and cocktails, and those who prefer beer can enjoy the one and only Starogdańskie beer.

Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk – located next to Gdańsk Marina, in a historic granary building, it was the first restaurant brewery in northern Poland. The building of the granary is worth mentioning. It has been called “lucky” , due to the fact that it survived World War II. Upon entrance, copper brewing vats are the first thing to catch the eye, and wooden elements of the construction together with modern accents make up a perfect spot for meetings and feasts. The brewery offers three kinds of beer: Złoto Brovarni, Starogdańskie, and Pszeniczne (Brovarnia’s Gold, Starogdańskie, and Wheat Beer). Beer seminars are organised on demand.

Browar Miejski Sopot (Sopot City Brewery) is a microbrewery that took place of the cult restaurant, Złoty Ul (Golden Hive). Located in a famous spot, which used to be a gathering place for local university students, businessmen, artists, and VIPs, it offers 8 kinds of beer, prepared on the spot by a Czech brewing master. Regular offer includes Pils, Ale, Wheat, Dark, and American Red beers, as well as limited editions.

Browar Piwna (Gdańsk) – another place on the list of Polish breweries that every beer aficionado should remember about. Founded in 2012, this restaurant brewery is located – not accidentally – on Piwna Street (Beer Street). Their offer includes many different kinds, starting with the popular pilsner and altbier, through March beer, and dark wheat beer. Many dishes from the menu have been prepared to pair with beer.

Pub Browar Spółdzielczy (Gdańsk) – it’s safe to say that it’s the only such place among pubs of Tricity. It offers beers brewed in a brewery in Puck. All the beers are brewed according to original recipes. It’s the only cooperative brewery in Poland, as well as the only brewery in Puck. The city’s marine traditions are cultivated even today, and they are reflected in the way the beers have been named.

Browar Trójmiejski Lubrow (Gdańsk, Sopot) – opened in 2013, this craft brewery is located in Barbados restaurant, near Gdańsk train station. The combination of 300-year-old tradition and modern technology from Kaspar Schulz guarantees exquisite and delicious beer. An interesting fact is that master brewers experiment a lot, which results in such uncanny ingredients as beet or yerba mate.

Browar Hopkins (Hopkins Brewery, Gdynia) – a young, but quickly developing brewery. First brewing took place in 2015. Beer is taken care of by young people who stick to tradition, this is why besides many classical flavours of beer, there is also place for experiments.

AleBrowar Gdynia – founded 5 years ago in Gdynia, it has already managed to join the 100 best breweries in the world, according to Rate Beer Best. There are 13 different taps to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Browar Vrest – brewing traditions of the Gdańsk district of Wrzeszcz go back a long time. Today, we can observe their revival, thanks to newly opened breweries. The “beer map” of Gdańsk has gained another spot to be visited. Café Stary Maneż takes us on tour around traditional recipes, with a twist.


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