There are very few places where the past intertwines with the future so much so as in Chojnice. The scenic landscape of the lake district is in tone with the kindness and openness of its residents, who respect their own roots, history, and traditions. The beautiful rural commune of Chojnice surrounds the town with access to the Tuchola Forest Landscape Park, the Zabory Landscape Park and over 50 lakes. The most important tourist function in the region is played by Charzykowy, the cradle of Polish sailing.

The town and the entire Chojnice Land has extraordinary natural, tourist, and cultural values. It boasts landscapes of ravishing beauty, amazing lakes, and incredible forests, with abundant flora and fauna. The town and its environs let you experience the heritage of many centuries, which can be seen in the numerous and well-preserved historic buildings. The renovated Town Walls (formerly Defensive Walls), the towers called Wronia (Crow’s), Szewska (Shoemaker’s), and Kurza Stopa (Chicken Leg) and the former entrance gate to the town, the so-called Człuchów Gate. Today it houses the Historical and Ethnographical Museum, which presents the region’s legacy in the form of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The historic part of the Old Town is excellent for summer afternoon strolls. Since the completion of the renovation work, the town has acquired the status of a health resort. For all those who are in need of rest a meeting place has been prepared, bringing together the old and the young residents of the town – a stylish place by the town fountain. The fountain was recreated in its new form in 2002, and features sculptures depicting the St. John’s Day Parade and architecture inspired by Classicist patterns. Its charm is particularly noticeable at night, when the fountain and its surroundings flow with multi-coloured water streams. The Market Square itself is one of the finest in Pomerania. It gains even more beauty from the imposing Gothic Revival Town Hall.

It is not far from the Old Market Square to the Church Square, which features the late-Baroque Post-Jesuit Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with a magnificent interior, and the 14th-Century Church of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist built in the Vistula Gothic style.

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