The Kashubian Cottage in Brusy-Jaglie

Later the political situation caused the plans of building the cottage to be postponed by more than a decade. The idea returned in the 1990’s with the creation of the Social Committee for the Establishment of the Museum (1995). The plan of locating the Cottage in Brusy-Jaglie near the buildings of folk artist Józef Chełmowski was approved. The plan to relocate and renovate the original cottage was rejected in 1996. The new building was designed by Jan Sabiniarz. Construction started in 2002, engaging local craftsmen, and the Town Hall in Brusy became the investor.

The official opening of the Kashubian Cottage took place on 6 May 2005. The cottage harks back to the traditional architecture of South Kashubia; Its regional character was preserved thanks to its style, building material, and finishing elements. The wooden structure of the cottage was made from trees that grew in the 19th-Century Sikorski Park in Wielkie Chełmy. The roof was covered with natural reed, the outer stairs were made of natural stone, and the floors, just like in an old Kashubian cottage, of pinewood planks.

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