Let’s go to the Tuchola Forest!

The Tuchola Forest is one of the largest cluster of pinewoods in Poland, largely protected as part of Natura 2000. It’s home to plenty of species which don’t occur anywhere else in the country. Picturesque groves, meadows and lakes are a paradise for those who are after peace and quiet, splendid views and contemplation of nature. The area offers both active leisure and relaxation, e.g. picking mushrooms or berries. Suffice to breathe the clean air to feel the harmony of nature and get some perspective on your daily problems. And if you’re lucky, you may see a deer strolling in the distance…

Those who are after active leisure will enjoy great conditions for cycling, hiking and water activities. The lakes and rivers are situated closely to dense forests, which makes them perfect spots for attractive trips and camps. What’s important, after the last year’s catastrophe, the rivers are fully navigable and passable, so a kayaking trip is a great idea. The area boasts a number of kayaking trails with different surroundings and current, the most popular ones being Brda, Wda, the Grand Canal of Brda, Chocina and Zbrzyca. No matter if you’re after a rush of adrenalin or some pleasant family time, you’ll surely find a trail with a relevant difficulty level.

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The best sailing spot in the area is Charzykowskie Lake, known for its excellent sailing infrastructure. In the town of Charzykowy, on the southern part of the lake, there is a site of the oldest sailing club in Poland, which holds numerous sailing events and camps. On the northern side of Charzykowskie Lake, in Małe Swornegacie, there is a yacht marina with a drawbridge over Brda.

The Tuchola Forest is also a perfect spot for cycling enthusiasts. Spontaneous trips along local forest trails may be great fun (if you ride with a fully charged GPS), but it’s also a good idea to check out one of the four trails of the so-called Kashubian Route, which covers 200 kilometres in total. The trails go along roads, but they’re separated from them by trees, which makes them safer and more comfortable.

After an exciting trip, it’s time for something to eat. Make sure that your plan allows for a visit in the village of Zapora, famous for a 19th century impressive dam Mylof, dividing Brda waters into an oxbow lake and the Grand Canal of Brda. When you get there by bike or car, or by kayak through the Mylof‑Brda trail, you’ll be near the village of Rytel, which suffered the most severe damage last year. All pictures of broken and shattered trees shown in the media were taken there. The damage to the forest was enormous, and some sights are truly heartrending, but they show the force of natural elements. One thing remains the same – trout in local farms is still a hit and attracts foodies from all over Poland.

Enjoy natural wonders of the Tuchola Forest, but remember to respect nature and follow safety rules. It’s time for an adventure!


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